Terms of participation

1. Duration of the Fair

The fair will be open from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on 22 and 23 September 2020. During this period, the booths and products on display must not be covered and Exhibitors must guarantee the presence of staff members at their booths. Under no circumstances will exhibitors be permitted to remove items from the Exhibition Hall before 6.00 pm on Wednesday 23 September 2020. The fair hours may be subject to change. The Organizers reserve the right to change the dates, location and duration of the fair or postpone the event, without the Exhibitors having the right to claim compensation.

2. Participation and payment for the Exhibition Space

To register for the fair, send the Registration Form, duly filled in and signed, by fax or e-mail to EPE Edizioni Srl, Via Spezia, 33 – 20142 Milan.
Immediately after the Official Assignment of Exhibition Space is sent, the Exhibitor shall receive an invoice from the Organizers for the advanced deposit of the total cost of the booth, the balance being due by and no later than the date indicated on the invoice. This amount is non-refundable under any circumstances. The balance payment of the cost of the booth must be made by and no later than 31 July 2020. In case of cancellation of the event the balance will be refunded to the exhibitor.

3. Cancelling the Exhibition Space

Exhibitors who cancel their reservations for exhibition space after paying the deposit will not be reimbursed for the sum paid. For cancellations received after 31 July 2020, payment of the full sum is required.

4. Insolvency

In the event an Exhibitor enters forced or voluntary liquidation (except for the purpose of restructuring or merger) or, in the event of a physical person, bankruptcy of the same or, whether it is a case of a physical person or an enterprise, call-up of creditors or conclusion of agreements with creditors, or in the event that seven days are allowed to pass before complying with a sentence or in the event a liquidator is appointed for some of the Exhibitor’s goods, or in the case that the seizure of goods or property belonging to the Exhibitor is ordered, the Organizers have the right to terminate every Contract with the Exhibitor, cancel the assignment of exhibition space and withhold the sums paid by the Exhibitor under the Contract.

5. Co-exhibitors, represented companies

The booth areas are primarily granted entirely and exclusively to a single contract party. The Exhibitor is not permitted to move, exchange, divide or make accessible to third parties, in whole or part, the exhibition area assigned, without prior authorization from the Organizers.
For the use of the exhibition space by a separate company with its own products or staff (co-exhibitor) special authorization from the Organizers is required.

6. Modification to the Exhibition Halls

The Organizers reserve the right to modify the floor plan of the Halls and change the position of the booths, where requested by the Owners of the Halls, the Fire Safety Authorities, Local Authorities, or for any other reason.

7. Technical Regulation

The Exhibitors must comply with the Organizers Regulations, the Terms and Conditions issued by MiCo – Milano Congressi, and all the Provisions of Law in force for the Exhibition Halls.
The Technical Regulation will be made available to all Exhibitors prior to the fair. The Technical Regulation is a guide that provides an explanation of how the fair is organized.
The Organizers will establish suitable time frames to set up the booths and to make technical connections, as well as for dismantling the booths and for the removal of all products exhibited and supplier materials. The dates and times of these operations will be published in the Technical Regulation.

8. Copyright

Any parties wanting to bring to the booth audio and video equipment and amplifiers, or other electrical equipment, for the purpose of transmitting sound recordings, showing films or receiving visual image or sound transmissions by electronic means, must ensure under their own personal responsibility, and at their own expense, that they have obtained all the necessary licences and authorizations under the copyright law, preventing the violation of rights of those who have judicial protection against unauthorized public execution or transmission of their recordings. The Organizers do not accept responsibility in this regard, nor responsibility that derives from failure to comply with the above-mentioned laws and provisions.

9. Safety

All materials used to construct, furnish or cover the booths must be made of fireproof material. The Exhibitors must comply with all instructions provided by the Organizers, or the Owners of the Exhibition Halls, or any other Authority.
The Organizers provide for general safety within the Hall. It is however the Exhibitors responsibility to provide for safety within their booths and it is recommended that they secure lights, mobile objects and mark the booth perimeter with adhesive tape.

10. Controlling Sound Emissions

The use of video equipment, speaker systems, tape recorders, film or slide projectors is permitted on the condition that the sound level is sufficiently low to not disturb visitors or other Exhibitors.
The Organizers reserve the right to decide on the acceptable noise level. Live demonstrations of noisy machinery must be minimized, in order to avoid disturbing visitors and Exhibitors.

11. Cleaning

It is the Organizer’s responsibility to clean the exhibition hall, cleaning shall be done by an officially Appointed company. Exhibitors who produce a significant amount of waste during the booth construction stage, during the fair or during the booth dismantling stage, or who have specific needs in regard to cleaning their booths, must contact the Organizers.

12. Liability clause

As the Organizers accept no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by any Exhibitor, Exhibitors are required to obtain insurance through FieraMilano or have their own insurance approved by Marsh Spa-FieraMilano following the instructions provided in the Technical Regulation. Exhibitors should note that under no circumstances may the Organizers be bound by contract to an Exhibitor nor can they be considered to be principals or agents in regard to any legal agreements that the Exhibitor can enter into with a supplier.

13. Promotional Activity

The distribution of promotional material, poster displays or grouping of advertising structures will be limited to the areas of the booth and is not permitted in any other place in the exhibition halls or the exhibition centre. This also regards any person circulating outside their exhibition area, demonstrating advertising material on advertising boards, clothing, etc.
Advertising must not be in violation of current regulations or good taste and must not be ideological or political in nature. The Organizers reserve the right to prohibit the exhibition or distribution of advertising material that may cause offence, and confiscate stocks of said material for the duration of the fair.

14. Intellectual and industrial property rights

The Organizers do not accept or approve Exhibitors who, through the production, sale, possession, distribution or publicity of their products, violate the intellectual or industrial rights or infringe on the laws that protect the said rights. In the event an exhibitor infringes on these laws, as demonstrated in the executive sentence of a court of jurisdiction, the Organizers have the right to exclude those exhibitors from all and any event organized by the same in the future, as they deem fit, at their absolute discretion, where there is a possibility that a repeated or new violation of intellectual and/or industrial property rights may occur.

15. Applicable Law / Place of Jurisdiction

The Registration Form, Terms of Participation and any other agreement or contract relating to the fair are governed by Italian law. The exclusive jurisdiction for disputes deriving from the above contractual relations is the Court of Milan.